My name is Kaley and I am an aspiring vet student. I adore animals of all types but am drawn to dogs, rats, and mice. I have 5 rats, 1 mouse, and 3 dogs of my own but I often rescue rats, mice, dogs, and whatever animal I can in an attempt to make their lives better.

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A few things for everyone

  • So first and foremost, my ratties are staying with Lisa until next Saturday due to air duct construction. I took them over today and I already miss them like crazy…
  • I got to meet my new little tiny ratty and I have to think of a new name. Lisa has been calling her Anya, but I dont like that.image
  • I took a ton of pictures of Lisa’s rats over at her house and will be putting them all in my queue. I will tag them with many-splendored-rat and will try to mix them in between pics of my rats for you guys. 
  • I did not get into vet school this year so I am applying again and the application is due pretty soon. 
  • I have a rescue dog right now that will be with me for a while due to health problems…she has had a rough life. Been left outside and been bred a few times. She is SO sweet though. I have already treated her skin infections and eye infections. She has had a heartworm test, microchip, and vaccines, will be spayed in a week ish, and also have surgery to fix her cherry eye before she can find a new home. image