My name is Kaley and I am an aspiring vet student. I adore animals of all types but am drawn to dogs, rats, and mice. I have 6 rats, 1 mouse, and 3 dogs of my own but I often rescue rats, mice, dogs, and whatever animal I can in an attempt to make their lives better.

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Sometimes it makes me a little sad…

So the recent rescue is an adorable Shih Tzu/ Jack Russell mix. Yeah, she is fucking adorable. 

I totally understand cute dogs. (I personally think Kipling is the cutest dog ever but I understand that I am in the minority there and am also bias.)

But I put her on my rescue page a few hours ago and I have people EVERYWHERE wanting to adopt her. Like 10 people who want her. And that is great! …..But…where are all these people for my other rescues. I totally understand that people have preferences, but there are lots of REALLY great mixes on my page that people dont even want to give a chance to. 

I told one woman that wants to adopt Roxy that in the event I choice to go with someone else, there are three very cute and friendly Chihuahuas coming into my rescue in the next few weeks  as well as several other rescues on my page needing homes. 

To which she replied, “We have no interest in a Chihuahua. I got excited about that dog because my husband thought she was cute. Yes, I know there are other rescues, but we liked that dog.”

Sigh…I know that designer breeds are the most popular. And I have no problem with people having favorites. I just wish they wouldnt be so vocal about it. And I wish for every “cute” dog people have, they would have an “ugly”one. For example, my boss adopts old, elderly large mixes no one wants from shelters, but then she goes and adopts gorgeous long haired breeds from other shelters. So she get the pretty dog she wants and also saves a life. 

Whatever, I am rambling. At least I am able to save these dogs lives at all. I just wish that all dogs were as desired as a designer dog.

If you couldn't have more than two rats, and had to get rid of all but two of yours, which two would you choose?

Oh god that is a HARD question!

Ok let me think about this…I would probably go ahead and put Kairi to sleep since she is over two and is already developing mammary tumors. It would just be easier than to put that on some other owner.

Ok and then Bree and ….probably Ziggy would go to Lisa. Bree has lived with her before and Ziggy is extremely easy going and has no problem joining groups. Plus Lisa likes Ziggy. 

Terra is annoyingly active and bouncy, so she and Charlie would probably stay with me. However, Bree can be a bit of a bitch as she is the dominant female, so in all reality, I might end up letting Lisa have Charlie instead of her since he is a neutered male and would be able to be put in any group. 

And obviously Delmus would stay with the group of boys he is in. And I would have to give Lisa some money for taking care of my animals.

Is it weird to say that Lisa and I have both discussed what we would both do if something terrible were to happen to both of us? Although I guess that is what you do when you have lots of pets that your average family would not want to inherit in an emergency.

KALEY'S HAIKU: Kaley is real nice/Her friends are even nicer/Lisa is the best

This is beautiful. It should be published

So my sweetie friend Nicole is finally helping me fix up my tumblr. It should be much more user friendly. I am going to be finishing updated the “My Animals” tag as it is still text from way back last year. I will also be going way back and trying to improve my tagging so that people who want to look at other rescues and pets will be easier to track. 

Yay for organization!!! Hope you guys like!